New Maps of Midleton’s Main Street Ambush & Revolutionary Landscapes

Demonstrating how surviving elements of Ireland's landscapes of revolution can be identified is the central aim of this project. There has never been a nationwide effort to undertake this work, which is vital if we are to appropriately manage our Revolutionary-era heritage. Following on from projects such as the one undertaken at Knockraha, we began... Continue Reading →

Picturing the IRA in Midleton: Then & Now

Recently the images we shared back in 2017 of IRA volunteers in Midleton photographed c. 1922 went viral online. Part of the Dick Cashman/John Fenton Collection, a number of people asked where in the town they were taken. The images were exposed in the Constabulary Barracks, presumably at some point during 1922, as the Civil... Continue Reading →

Picturing Midleton’s War of Independence

The Landscapes of Revolution team were delighted recently to take delivery of a large number of historic Midleton photographs. The photographs were graciously loaned by local resident John Fenton. Many of the pictures were collected by John’s uncle, noted bandleader and local historian, the late Dick Cashman, and they include Cashman’s valuable annotations concerning Midleton’s... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Landscapes of Revolution

This post represents the launch of a new archaeological project dedicated to identifying and exploring the archaeological traces of the Irish War of Independence. The project is an initiative of Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd., in partnership with the Center for Historic Preservation in Middle Tennessee State University. A major component of the project will be... Continue Reading →

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