The Landscapes of Revolution Project is a non profit research initiative led by Damian Shiels. Previous work on the project has been carried out in partnership with Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd and the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University. Its aim is to develop and share techniques for the identification, interpretation and mapping of archaeological sites associated with the War of Independence and Civil War between c. 1919-23.

The project was devised in response to an urgent need to identify, analyse, interpret and map the sites and landscapes relating to Ireland’s Revolutionary decade. Surprising as it may seem, as post-medieval sites, locations relating to the War of Independence and Civil War in Ireland generally enjoy no archaeological protection, are poorly understood as heritage landscapes, and are often significantly rarer and more vulnerable than much of the medieval and prehistoric archaeology that surrounds us. Because so little is known about what elements of these landscapes survive, they are difficult to manage and increasingly vulnerable to being damaged and destroyed. Somewhat ironically, this threat has increased during the Decade of Centenaries, as well-intentioned efforts to memorialise the events of a century ago lead to the construction of new memorials and improved access to some of our more iconic Revolutionary-era landscapes. This project hopes to highlight the importance and value of developing an improved understanding and appropriate management plan for these landscapes as a key part of our centenary commemorations.

If you would like to contact the project, you can do via the email irishamericancivilwar[at]gmail.com or via twitter through the handle @irishacw


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