B (Midleton) Company Membership

Below arranged alphabetically are those men known to have served in ‘B’ (Midleton) Company, 4th Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade as of 11 July 1921. The information is transcribed from original scans of the IRA Nominal Rolls at the Military Service Pensions Collection (MA/MSPC/RO/31) which can be accessed online via The Military Archives website here. The addresses were those known in the 1930s.

Ahern, J Volunteer Elfordstown, Midleton
Ahern, Jas. Volunteer Youghal
Ahern, John Volunteer Mile Bush
Ahern, Joseph Volunteer Cork
Ahern, Patk Volunteer Ballinacurra
Ahern, Wm Volunteer Midleton
Arnold, B. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Barrett, D Volunteer Midleton
Barry, Edward Volunteer
Barry, J. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Barry, James Volunteer
Barry, Jas Volunteer Ballyedmond, Midleton
Barry, Martin Volunteer Commissioners Buildings, Midleton
Barry, Mce Volunteer Dickinson’s Lane, Midleton
Barry, Rd. Volunteer Castlemartyr
Barry, Wm Volunteer Commissioners Buildings, Midleton
Barry, Wm. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Buckley, B. Volunteer Ballyedmond, Midleton
Buckley, Ml. Volunteer England
Buckley, Patk Volunteer USA
Buckley, Thomas. Volunteer Address Unknown
Burke, D. Volunteer Ballintotis, Midleton
Burke, M. Volunteer England
Cagney, Jas. Volunteer Address Unknown
Carroll, P Volunteer Fermoy
Carthy, P. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Casey, J Volunteer Westpark, Midleton
Casey, Ml. Volunteer Railway Terrace, Midleton
Cashman, D. Volunteer Dublin
Clohessy, C Volunteer Cork
Clohessy, Ml. Volunteer Avoncore, Midleton
Cody, Wm. Volunteer USA (Ballinacurra)
Connors, D Volunteer USA (Ballinacurra)
Connors, Jah. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Connors, John Volunteer USA (Ballinacurra)
Cott?, Patk. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Cotter, J Volunteer Goertenina? Midleton
Coughlan, J Volunteer Glanworth
Courtney, P. Volunteer Address Unknown
Cronin, Michael Volunteer USA
Cronin, William Volunteer Mill Rd., Midleton
Crowley, Rd. Volunteer Westpark, Midleton
Daly, J Volunteer
Daly, Jerh. Volunteer England
Daly, Wm. Volunteer Ballintotis, Midleton
Dennehy, Denis Volunteer USA
Desmond, E? Volunteer Commissioners Buildings, Midleton
Donegan, Thos Volunteer Carlow
Donovan J. Volunteer Address Unknown
Donovan, J Volunteer Carrigtwohill
Donovan, J. Volunteer Whiterock, Midleton
Donovan, James Volunteer USA (Ballinacurra)
Donovan, Jerh Volunteer USA (Ballinacurra)
Donovan, John Volunteer Churchtown, Midleton
Donovan, Thomas Second Lieutenant Whiterock, Midleton
Duhig, J. Volunteer Address Unknown
Dwyer, Wm Volunteer Ballinacurra
Fanning, Wm. Volunteer Avoncore, Midleton
Fitzgerald, D. Volunteer Cloyne
Fitzgerald, James Volunteer Avoncore, Midleton
Fitzpatrick, D Volunteer Fermoy
Fleming, E Volunteer USA
Fleming, Ml. Volunteer Mill Rd., Midleton
Flood, Thos. Volunteer Address Unknown
Geaney, Wm Volunteer
Godsill, J. Volunteer Ballintotis, Midleton
Gorman, Thos Volunteer Midleton
Hartnett, J Volunteer Ballycotton
Heffernan, Wm. Volunteer
Hickey, Thoms. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Higgins, H Volunteer USA (Ballinacurra)
Horgan, Mce. Volunteer Rosslare
Hourihan, Thos. Volunteer Midleton
Howell, J Volunteer
Hyde, Philip Captain Passage West, Cork
Hyde, Thos Volunteer Ballinacurra
Hyland, D Volunteer Cobh
Irwin, John Volunteer Midleton
Irwin, Ml Volunteer Youghal
Kearney, J. Volunteer Churchtown, Midleton
Kearney, Michael First Lieutenant Collins Barracks, Cork
Kelleher, Jas. Volunteer Geragh?, Midleton
Kelleher, J. Volunteer The Rock, Midleton
Knowles, D. Volunteer USA
Knowles, John Volunteer Ballintotis, Midleton
Knowles, Ml. Volunteer Ballintotis, Midleton
Lawton, P. Volunteer Ballyedmond, Midleton
Leonard, Thomas Volunteer Midleton
Lynch, Thos Volunteer England
Mahony, E. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Manley, J. Volunteer Glanmire
McCarthy, B. Volunteer Ballyedmond, Midleton
McCarthy, Jas Volunteer The Park, Midleton
McDonogh, P Volunteer Midleton
McNamara, E Volunteer
Mulcahy, J Volunteer Ballinacurra
Mulcahy, Maurice Volunteer England
Murnane, Ml Volunteer Coppingerstown, Midleton
Murphy, J. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Murphy, Jas Volunteer USA
Murphy, M Volunteer 31 St. Marys Terrace, Midleton
Murphy, Ml Volunteer Castleredmond, Midleton
O’Brien, David Volunteer
O’Brien, J. Volunteer Ballinacurra
O’Brien, Jas Volunteer Glounthaune, Cobh Junction
O’Brien, Ml. Volunteer Loughatalia, Ballinacurra
O’Brien, Paul Volunteer USA (Ballinacurra)
O’Callaghan E Volunteer Ballincollig, Cork
O’Callaghan, J Volunteer Cork
O’Connell, J. Volunteer Cork
O’Connell, J. Volunteer Collins Barracks, Cork
O’Flynn, P. Volunteer Dublin
O’Keeffe, P. Volunteer Ballyedmond, Midleton
O’Neill, R. Volunteer USA
O’Shea, F Volunteer Midleton
O’Sonoghue, Jas. Volunteer Youghal
O’Sullivan, C Volunteer
Power, John Volunteer USA
Power, Ml. Volunteer USA (Ballinacurra)
Ring, Ml. Volunteer
Riordan, Ml. Volunteer USA
Riordan, Thos Volunteer Lisgoold
Riordan, Thos Volunteer Waterford
Shaw, Thos. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Shea, Ml Volunteer St. Marys Road, Midleton
Spillane, D. Volunteer Fermoy
Sullivan, D Volunteer Ballinacurra
Sullivan, J. Volunteer Canada (Ballinacurra)
Sullivan, Jas. Volunteer Ballinacurra
Sullivan, Jerh Volunteer Cloyne
Twomey, M J Volunteer Cork
Upton, J. Volunteer Ballintotis, Midleton
Wallis, Thos Volunteer College View, Midleton
Walsh, Dl Volunteer St. Marys Road, Midleton
Walsh, Jas Volunteer USA
Walsh, Jerh Volunteer Dublin
Walsh, John Volunteer USA
Whelan, P Volunteer Dublin
White, Wm. Volunteer Cork Road, Midleton
Whyte, Patk Volunteer USA
Wiggins, Wm. Volunteer Ballinacurra